This Declaration made on 8th of April 2014 by Alpha Omega Station concerns the official enactment of the rights and duties indicated hereafter and aims to inform all parties involved of the beginning of the global restructuring process for the benefit of the World and Mankind.


Alpha Omega Station are the historical, technical, formally and officially confirmed Sovereign and Judicial organization which in accordance with International Treaties exercises legal Ownership, authority and lawful power over various Assets, Gold Deposits, and the International Collateral Combined Accounts, as well as all Central Bank and Commercial Bank Overbalance Accounts held within the Institutional Parent Registration Accounts of the Federal Reserve System/Bank for International Settlements. International Treaty and Legal Record: Intergovernmental Agreement signed on date 23-11-1982 at White House U.S.A. Washington D.C. having reference "USSCANN.5895-7G89G78FG-97FD8G7F8D7-7789FD8G98F-9F8F889F890-0001" with protocol No. 558-22821. The Tripartite, Trilateral, Trillenium Pact,(GOLD COMMISSION) being the applicable Pact between World Governments (London, 1921). Butler, Charles H., The Treaty Making Power of the Means, United States Senator Committees); The Green Hilton Agreement (Geneva 1963-1966 the Guarantee is Declared on by International Consent); the Guarantee confirmed and established under Schweitzer Innsbruck Conference [Innsbruck, Austria 1964, record: Democrat, Royden J, The Treaty Making Power in the Defense of the Senates part in Treaty Making and the Foreign Controller of Gold Act, (1972) in the Senate of the United States, Volume II, Chapter 7, International Panel (The Hague 1968) which transferred to the Trust and Foundation in its supervisory role and in protection of the free world.

Ownership of Asset(s)

The Certificate Note-Golden Deposit of Fort Knox #A 0018654 D. Series 1. 1995, deposited by ICCF in responsible storage in Joint-Stock Company the Novgorod.


Official Reconciliation Notarized (Year 2012 Between Vladimir I. Kobzar and Mr. Edy Seno Soekanto "Custodial Trustee") of the Asset(s) subject of the Green Hilton Agreement between Indonesia Government and United States of America (Kennedy Administration).


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Alpha Omega Station is a Sovereign and Judicial organization under conformity with

International Treaty (Under the White House Protocol No.: 558-22821) exercises the

legal ownership, authority and lawfully granted powers over the various assets such as:Gold Deposits, International Collateral Combined Accounts and Commercial Bank Overbalance Accounts. These assets are held within the Institutional Parent RegistrationAccounts of the Federal Reserve System/Bank intended for International Settlements.

Due to the fact that Alpha Omega Station is a supranational entity and has set itself the goal of global degree, which include non-interference in the internal affairs of sovereign states and bringing (different in their form) structures and ideologies into the general system of effective cooperation, Alpha Omega Station is guided by the following selfrestraints: Alpha Omega Station shall use their funds for the better benefit of the people of eachPartner-country (within the context of good investment by international standards) and payment of their staff and shall not use the funds for political purposes or allow any use by others for political purposes within or external to their Partner-country.